There’s a demand for motorcycle riding school due to high rising number of motorcycle food delivery services in townships/suburbs.

In order to qualify to ride a motorcycle or scooter on a public roads, you need to have Code 1 learner’s riding license.

You will be training both beginners as well as those who want motorcycle riding licenses to apply for jobs that rely on safe motorcycle riding such as Uber Eat, Takealot, etc.

A Code 1 learner’s licence is a permit that proves that you have basic knowledge of a motorcycle and the rules of the road. The learner’s licence is valid for 24 months.

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Like any driving school instructor, you need to register with the provincial Department of Transport and Public Works. Go to your nearest driving licence centre with your ID book, two identical black and white photographs and a valid motorcycle rider’s licence.

Starting a motorcycle riding school can be a great opportunity to tap into the growing demand for safe motorcycle riders. With the increasing popularity of food delivery services, there has been a surge in the number of people seeking to obtain their Code 1 learner’s riding license.

Here are some key points to consider when starting your own motorcycle riding school:

Obtain the necessary qualifications and licenses to become a certified driving instructor. This will involve registering with your provincial Department of Transport and Public Works and obtaining a valid motorcycle rider’s license.
Develop a comprehensive training program that caters to both beginners and those seeking to obtain their Code 1 learner’s license. Your program should cover the basics of motorcycle riding, as well as the rules of the road and safety precautions.
Invest in high-quality equipment and facilities to ensure your students have access to safe and reliable motorcycles and training grounds.

Market your school to potential students, highlighting the benefits of obtaining a Code 1 learner’s license, such as increased employability for food delivery services like Uber Eats and Takealot.

By establishing a reputable and effective motorcycle riding school, you can help aspiring riders gain the necessary skills and knowledge to safely navigate the roads on two wheels.

Market your services on social media platforms & list on business directories such as Kasi Digital Mall to get more exposure. We wish you all the best in your new business venture.

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