I am Given known as Givy the Runner I am your personal shopper kere Romma nna Joburg “Thoma Mina e jozi” I do save you from traveling all the way this far for stuff that am able to get at shop price and go and buy on your behalf at a service fee and I […]

Queen.Dee collection and investment cc for bale trading

My name is Queen Amagonya a bale runner level 1 from Namibia. My registered bale trading business name is Queen.Dee collection and investment cc . I do import & sell bales from Angola, which are mostly of high quality gradeA bales. The bales or preloved clothing business is extremely profitable with profits exceedingly 200%. Bales […]


Thanda International and Local runner is a runner that offers a variety of stylish and affordable clothing, accessories and beauty products for men, women and kids. We do help our clients with branded and non-branded clothes in South Africa. We do buy goods on behalf our clients from the following countries : South Africa (Durban […]

Nqobile MaNtuli Joburg runner

New beginnings🌸😍🍹 My name is Nqobile   *(Joburg Runner)*   Iam here to help you to stock your orders👙👘👠🩲🩳👖👔🥾______👢👞🧦🥾👟💼👜👛👝🧳🧥and you can resell them.   #BE YOUR OWN BOSS   1⃣I accommodate everyone🤪 2⃣There is only one Runner.If you want something just ask the price and picture but not to ask where I stock 3⃣You can […]